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Canna Campers: Breaking Stereotypes

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The stereotypes stand even today; “Stoners”, “Pot Heads” and people that consume Marijuana, in general, are lazy people who stay at home playing video games and binge-watching videos.

While that can be true, the same can be said about the population of people who don’t consume Marijuana and do those same things. With more states legalizing Cannabis, some people are starting to notice those same “Stoners who never leave their rooms” are sharing the same outdoor spaces they frequent and some of those people take issue with this. 


This is the precise reason Canna Camp Supply Co. exists. Cultivating an area that is unapologetically Cannabis & Outdoor loving people looking to spread a positive image that PEOPLE WHO CONSUME CANNABIS aren’t lazy couch potatoes. We love the outdoors as much or more than the next person.


 But with that sentiment, we also have to be good role models 


  • Don’t consume in areas where it is prohibited or illegal.


  • Be Considerate! Don’t Blaze up near that family in the next site even if it is a private campground and allowed, take a walk no one will be the wiser.


  • Don’t Be Obnoxious, if someone takes issue with you partaking, move to another area, it's not worth the fight.


  • Be Safe with Fire! Don’t leave your dab torch running while you’re coughing up a lung, don’t drop your cherry into dry grass or leaves, and make sure all fires are out before going to bed or leaving your camp!


You’ll notice people aren’t too concerned with what you are doing as long as you are being respectful, responsible, and not drawing attention to yourself. Turn down that ‘stir it up’ dude. Remember everyone doesn’t share the same love for the plant or culture as you do so keep it at a reasonable level.


 If you follow these simple instructions your next adventure should be Cannatastic


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