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"Campfire Companions”

  Make Memories Camping with Your Loyal Sidekick

Plan to spend extra time traveling when you bring your pets along

Most of us have driven for longer periods than we should without stopping to stretch our legs and get the blood flowing, but it is unfair to subject your pets to the same treatment. Plan extra stops along your route to get out and stretch your legs as well as your pups, most rest areas have dog runs or at least areas to walk your pups.

Bring enough food and water 

For you and your pet, bring extra if possible. We hope it never happens to you but occasionally adventures can take a wrong turn leading you to be lost and have to stay out longer than intended, make sure to bring enough food that if you were to have to or even choose to stay out longer because hey why not, you’ll be covered. Even without staying for an extended period, you will be amazed at how much water you can go through.

Bring a leash

 Regardless of where you intend to go, your pup may seem great off-leash but you can’t account for other people or a rogue squirrel that follows your pup taunting him from every nearby tree. A good solution is to bring a runner leash and attach it between two trees, use cardboard or a cloth to protect the tree from being damaged, and let your pup run back and forth free from being tangled.

Bring Shade

 Look we get it, you spend your days laying out on Maimi Beach and the sun doesn’t bother you(yet). But your furry friends deserve shade, shade houses designed for children are a great option for smaller pets, if you have a larger fur baby you may look at the ones made for adults. We have a sunshade for our pup that looks like a shark, he loves it so much we’ve ended up having to use it as an extra bed at home, so when we go camping a piece of home comes with him on every trip. 

Blue Childs Shade Tent


Bring toys and bedding from home

Some pets are natural at camping, they are at home no matter where they are so long they as they are with you, but others are not so comfortable in new areas with new scents that aren’t home. Bring things your pet loves from home and make a special area for them near you with those items.

 Dog sitting in a camping chair with beach tide underneath,not looking happy

When camping with pets, it's essential to be aware of potential dangers that may arise.

 Some of these dangers include wildlife encounters, such as bears or snakes, which can be dangerous for pets and humans. Additionally, there may be poisonous plants or other hazards in the area that could harm your pet if ingested or contacted. It's critical to research where you'll be camping and understand the potential risks to keep yourself and your pet safe.

Bring tweezers, check your pets for ticks often, and remove ticks as soon as possible. They can be found in all sorts of places, including your pets' mouths!

Never leave your pet in a hot vehicle 

even if it doesn’t seem very hot outside the temperatures inside can skyrocket quickly.

Dog Car Temperature Chart

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