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Camping in the cold

There is something special about waking up making a cup of coffee and sitting outside in the fall, it’s even better when you are surrounded by nature with nothing but your camping gear and the people you love.

Fall colors changing on a river

Late season camping can be brutal if not prepared for in advance but it can also provide the most spectacular views you will see all year. No worries though we’ll guide you in the right direction to make late season camping your favorite season to camp in!

The biggest issue you're likely to encounter when camping late season is how do I stay warm? While this is a crucial point in being able to enjoy your trip. If you prepare in advance, you won’t give the temperature much thought.

Use QUALITY gear

 We cannot stress enough to use quality gear, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive items available, often you can find great gear at low prices just do your research first. Check the items you are intending to buy for waterproof ratings as well as temperature ratings and make sure those items align with the environment you intend to camp in.

Bring extra layers

You’re bound to get wet at some point. Cold weather and wet clothes equal danger! Aside from preventing hypothermia or frostbite it’s nice to have the option available to bundle up when the temperature dips.

Bring a camping heater

Camping heaters are great but we advise to approach them with caution. You should never sleep with a tent heater on or leave it on while unattended. There are many brands of tent heaters. The Mr Heater Buddy topping most lists. While the most current model has tip-over and blow out detection accidents and malfunctions can still happen.

Use a sleeping bag rated for at least 10

Two sleeping bags with feet out of  tent door with snow on the ground

degrees colder then you expect conditions to be.

A good sleeping bag will keep you at just the right temperature not, too hot as to where you sweat (which will work against you effectively lowering your body temperature and saturating your sleeping bag) but also keep you warm through the night.








Nalgene water bottle

A Nalgene(plastic) or metal water bottle(single walled) wrapped in a metal water bottlesweater or shirt placed in in your sleeping bag around your torso area can help keep you warm as well, just make sure the bottle can withstand hot water and the lid is secured tightly, you will be on your way to snoozin’ like a baby before you know it!

Bring good socks

Yep, you guessed it keeping your feet warm is pretty important, and a good pair of wool socks is key in making your trip fun and not miserable. Some other key gear

Wool Socks

to bring are beanies or some type of head covering as well as balaclavas to keep your face warm as we tend to lose a lot of heat through our heads. Don’t forget to pack extra pairs as you will want a fresh pair to sleep in and another to change into the next day.

Sleep with your morning outfit

A good way to keep your clothes from being solid sheets of ice when you wake up is keeping your next days change of clothes with you in your sleeping bag, that way when you get up in the morning you’ll be ready to seize the day!

Keeping these tips in mind before your next adventure will allow you to enjoy your trip without having to give much thought to the current conditions!

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