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Camping on the cheap

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Are you itching to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the great outdoors but your bank account it looking less adventurous? 

Camping doesn't have to burn a hole in your wallet. In fact, with a little know-how and some clever tips, you can have an unforgettable camping trip without spending a fortune.

 Let's dive into the world of budget-friendly camping and explore some practical ways to make the most of your outdoor adventure!

  1. Borrow or Rent Gear: Got your eye on that fancy tent, but you still have
    some saving to do? No worries! Consider borrowing from friends or family. They might even have camping equipment gathering dust in their garages, begging for an adventure. Alternatively, many outdoor stores offer gear rental services, If you are just testing the waters, and is also a fantastic option for occasional campers.

Protip: Get your gear from Canna Camp Supply Co, we work hard to keep prices affordable!

  1. Find FREE Dispersed Camping: Believe it or not, there are plenty of free camping spots out there just waiting for you to pitch your tent. CheckOverhead Aerial View of map out national forests, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) areas, and state parks, as they often have budget-friendly camping options, and those campgrounds are often on forest service roads which could also have free dispersed camping. 

Just make sure to research the rules and regulations beforehand, it helps to call the local parks and wildlife or ranger office for suggestions they will often give you tips on where to find awesome spots which we’ve discussed in a previous Base Camp Blog.

  1. Cook Simple and Delicious Meals: Eating out while camping can add up quickly. Instead, opt for simple yet delicious campfire meals that won't break
    Delicious looking skewers and steaks on grill
    the bank. Pack some basic ingredients like rice, pasta, canned beans, and fresh veggies. They are not only budget-friendly but also easy to prepare over a campfire or portable stove. 

Preparing meals in advance can save time and money, and you can also eat more conveniently at camp by only heating items up when it’s time to eat, another benefit for the Instagram star in you is that you can eat “fancy” if all you are doing is heating the items up for dinner. The skewers featured above from last weeks blog can be prepared in advance and then cooked on site.

In last week's Base Camp Blog, we offered a budget-friendly breakfast lunch and dinner so check it out for some inspiration


  1. Embrace DIY Camping Hacks: When it comes to camping on a budget, DIY is your new best friend. Repurpose items you already have at home to serve as camping essentials. For example, use an old tarp as a ground
    eggs cooking on coffee can stove
    cover, turn a coffee can into a makeshift camping stove, or create your own
    lantern using a headlamp and a gallon jug of water. The possibilities are endless! 

If you can repurpose an item instead of buying something new, we completely stand behind that. At Canna Camp Supply we believe there is already too much waste so we should all be looking for new ways to minimize our contribution.

  1. Travel with Friends or Family: Camping is all about sharing memorable experiences with loved ones. Traveling with friends or family not only
    Friends Camping
    multiplies the fun but also splits the expenses. By sharing the cost of camping gear, food, and gas, you can save a considerable amount.

 If you think of it this way it’s a win-win, you get to spend time with the ones you love or at least tolerate AND you get cheap or sometimes free camping, just don’t be a mooch, contribute where possible and have a fun budget adventure!

  1. Opt for Off-Peak Seasons: Peak camping seasons often mean higher fees and crowded campgrounds. Consider planning your trip during the shoulder seasons, when campsite rates are lower, and you can enjoy a more tranquil experience with fewer people around.
    beautiful fall trees

We’ve found the best time to go camping is late season. Weather permitting, the views are often the best with the changing colors only adventurers get to see outside of pictures. And it’s nice to not have to worry about a squad of people rolling up on your once-thought-secret spot.

  1. Explore Local Options: You don't need to venture far from home to enjoy a camping adventure. Explore nearby camping spots that won't require a long drive or significant expenses on transportation. You might be surprised to find hidden gems right in your backyard. Every year we find new places, closer to home than we would have imagined and they tend to be overlooked by most people. 

Use resources such as land ownership and terrain maps paired with google earth,or resort to using people's private property(With approval!) through websites like Hipcamp or Facebook groups.

Honestly, you don’t need much to go camping, especially if you already have some gear. Many times we made it work with a pack of hotdogs, a pack of lunch

roasting hotdogs over fire

meat, and some eggs. Being frugal is part of camping, don’t overthink it! 

So there you have it, adventurous souls! With these budget-savvy tips, you can savor the beauty of nature without stretching your finances to the limit. Camping on a budget is not only possible but also incredibly rewarding. 

Remember, it's all about embracing the simplicity of outdoor life and making memories that will last a lifetime. So, pack your bags, leave your worries behind, and get ready for an epic camping journey without breaking the bank! Happy camping! 🏕️

Check Back for more tips and information next week in another Canna Camp Blog!



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