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Checking in to"Check out"

Hey, my fellow campers and cannabis enthusiasts! Picture this: you're out in nature, surrounded by the beauty of mother earth, and you've got a little herbal delight to make the experience even more groovy.

Camping and cannabis, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. But finding that perfect campsite can be a journey in itself. So, sit back, roll one up, and let Canna Camp guide you on a quest to uncover the ultimate camping spots.


One of the most asked questions we’ve all heard is “How do I find a good spot” or even worse “Could you tell me where your spots are?

” Nope....sorry, campers can be pretty stingy on giving up their hard earned spots and rightfully so. Many campers spend weeks and years finding prime spots, only to have them trashed by other “outdoors lovers” after giving that suggestion out, so the reservation to give out spots can be very high.

Thats where we come in, in this weeks blog “Finding 420 Friendly Camping” we will give some great suggestions on how to find places where mother nature and mary jane walk hand in hand.


“I can always just find a spot in the woods right?” 


Wrong, the first concern when finding a camping spot is where am I LEGALLY allowed to camp. Often times there are private properties scattered along the roads where you think you are on public land so make sure to check boundary maps, which can be obtained from the United States Forest Service(USFS) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), apps like Gaia Offroad or OnXoffroad, or by calling the local Forest Service Office in the area you are planning to camp(you may even get a few suggestions others don’t know of).


The Second and maybe most important concern if your planning on bringing the herb.

“Am I allowed to carry or consume cannabis there?” C’mon its pretty much legal  everywhere right? Nope it is still illeagle to carry or consume cannabis in all federal parks as well as alot of state parks so check the local rules and regulations, most of all be smart!


If you are unable to find remote locations that allow you to partake while camping there are more private campgrounds every year making the push to allow us to enjoy camping and our favorite herb at the same time. Make sure to check websites like as many camp host provide 420 friendly camping as well as some unique 420 catered experiences. 


We have curated a list of the current 420 friendly campgrounds that we could find to help you in your journeys Find it here! 


Remember to Research:

While these campgrounds are known for their cannabis-friendly policies, it's essential to research and understand the legalities and regulations regarding cannabis use in the specific state and campground you plan to visit. Laws and attitudes towards cannabis can vary, so always respect the rules and regulations set by the campground and local authorities.

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