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Finding 420 friendly cabins & camping

420 Camping & Cabins

Being a stoner and finding places that will happily accommodate cannabis can be tough. Luckily we’ve dedicated a portion of our website to this question alone and it is updated frequently so check it out :


Going more in-depth into this subject as we do not have every possible 420-friendly location available (if you know of one we missed, drop us a message and let us know!) we will give you tips for finding 420-friendly locations as well as highlighting a few you may want to check out!


Start by checking our list. If the area you want to visit isn’t listed try these tips below!


Search Google with the area you plan to visit followed by the term “420 friendly” I know this is a basic step but is often overlooked when your brain complicates things, I mean this is probably the reason you're looking to find 420-friendly cabins and accommodations in the first place right?


420-friendly Colorado cabins are much easier to come by but this doesn’t mean they all are cannabis friendly, in fact most hotels and resorts do not allow you to consume cannabis in your room or on the grounds. The easiest thing to do if you are unsure is to call before you book the room, we can all be introverted but it will save you time from combing their site and reviews and more importantly, saving you any hassle or problems!


Another great option is Air BnB but the same rule as before applies. Just because the property is located in a 420-friendly state doesn’t automatically mean the property is weed-friendly. Most Airbnb and Verbo hosts that allow you to consume marijuana on premises typically will list it in the accommodations section. 


Since Marijuana is becoming legal in more places and is currently in the process of being reviewed for rescheduling more people are looking for 420-friendly cabins and accommodations so websites like have been created giving stoners an easier way to find places that allow their favorite way to relax. Obviously no single resource can have every 420-friendly cabin, campground or hotel, so you will have to do a little research.


With that said here are a few unique places we found for you!


Bear Creek Lodge Alaska



Bear Creek cabins are nestled between a picturesque pond and rippling Bear Creek. These tranquil cabins are your perfect place to unwind after a day of Alaskan-sized adventure. Join them at a nightly campfire with families from around the world, and exchange stories of the day's fun.



High'd Away lodge


Whether you're new to camping or an outdoor aficionado, there's something for you at The High'D Away! This handicap-accessible, 420-friendly campground is a gorgeous escape located in Bridgewater, ME. From high-quality cabins to exhilarating activities, they have it all.

Make your next vacation one you'll never forget. Book a 420-friendly camping trip today. Please note: 420-friendly across the grounds for those 21+, but you can also bring your family here for a fun, clean adventure.


Wilderness bud and breakfast

At the Wilderness Bud and Breakfast, they have a complementary daily 420 Happy hour from 4:20 to 6:20 PM, which includes a sampling of local flower and edibles.



Bremmer Mountain Retreat

When you decide to not stay in a commercial chain hotel you also stumble upon places like the Bremer mountain retreat which even gives you access to their own gardens fruit and vegetables, Hilton isn’t going to do that!

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These were only a few places on our list so if you're interested in learning more check out our page Canna Friendly Camping & lodging

And as always check back next week for another Base Camp Blog


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