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Making Memories During Fire Restrictions

So campfires are kind of like a staple to your camping trips right? What do you do when you're not allowed to have a campfire? Growing up I lived on the east coast where the absence of moisture was almost never an issue, and then I moved to Colorado.

 Wildfires are a yearly occurrence here, and Fire Restrictions are well known by Coloradans, but what do you do if there are restrictions in place at the same time your long-awaited escape to nature is calling? No worries! We’ve navigated this frustrating terrain for years so stick around for some great tips and information! 

I love campfires, there is something calming in the crackle of the wood and the roar of the flames that is almost an instant stress reliever. One year during my long-awaited camping trip and desperately needed time off from work, we pulled up to the gates at the reservoir we were planning to camp at, I was informed that fire restrictions were just put in place. OH NO! I thought, what are we going to do? 

Negative thoughts set in. My adventure-loving girlfriend remind me the reason I  wanted to go camping in the first place wasn’t exclusively for the campfire but to reconnect with nature and disconnect from society for a little while. She was right though life is ever-changing and you can’t let things not going as planned ruin a good time.

During that summer we learned a different way of camping and gained some pro tips we will share with you in the week's Base Camp Blog! 

Ways to stay entertained without a campfire:

Embrace Alternative Cooking

Just because you can't roast marshmallows over a campfire doesn't mean you can't whip up delicious campsite meals. Opt for portable camping stoves, grills, or solar cookers to create culinary magic. From hearty one-pot dishes to gourmet sandwiches, the campsite kitchen is still your oyster.

 Portable Stoves

Portable Stove

Invest in a reliable camping stove to prepare warm meals that hit the spot. They come in various sizes and fuel options, such as propane, butane, or even wood pellets. Whip up anything from breakfast skillets to evening pasta feasts.


Grills and Griddles

camping grill with food on it

Portable grills or griddles are your ticket to sizzling burgers, veggies, and even pancakes. Their versatility makes outdoor cooking a breeze, and they're easy to clean up too. Still want that campfire effect? Take the grate off of your grill so you can see the flames easier, you can also roast marshmallows on the grill!

Solar Cookers

Solar Cooker with food in it

Tap into the power of the sun! Solar cookers use sunlight to heat up your food, so you can have a steaming bowl of soup or slow-cooked stews without a flicker of flame. Great for hiking and quick lunches, solar cookers are a lightweight easy alternative to using a campfire, Just be sure to cook your food during the day!


Connect with Nature

Engage in activities that deepen your bond with the environment and leave no trace of your presence. Go for a hike, dip your toes in that river!

Nature Walks

Explore the trails, identify flora and fauna, and breathe in the fresh air. Nature walks provide opportunities to immerse yourself in the wilderness, and you might even stumble upon hidden gems. Keep your eyes open you never know what you may see!

 Stargazing Sessions

Night sky while camping

Since you won't be mesmerized by flames, why not be captivated by the stars? Lay out a blanket, look up, and marvel at the cosmic wonders above. Use stargazing apps to identify constellations and planets. You may find it’s easier to see the stars without the ambient light from the campfire! 

 Wildlife Observation

Stay quiet and observe the wildlife that calls your campsite home. If you're patient, birds, squirrels, and other critters might grace you with their presence when otherwise the campfire would keep them at a distance. 

Storytelling and Games

Gather around and tell stories, play games, or enjoy a good old-fashioned sing-along. These moments become the heart of your camping trip, creating memories that'll last. 

With the glow of a campfire missing, tap into your creative side for entertainment that's just as fun.

DIY Lanterns Craft your own lanterns using battery-operated tea lights and mason jars. Hang them around your campsite for a cozy and magical ambiance.

Campfire Tales

Even without an actual fire, the tradition of sharing spooky or heartwarming stories around a "campfire" can still continue. You can still tell campfire spooky stories without a campfire, it actually makes it that much more spooky!


Shadow Puppets

Use a flashlight to create shadow puppet shows on the tent walls.

Shadow Puppet on tent

It's a playful way to entertain both kids and adults. For a hilarious time make a story and narrate for the puppets!



Camping Projector

We know the goal here is to get away from Campsite with Projector screen set uptechnology but sometimes it’s just fun to have in nature, on a few trips we’ve been known to break out the projector and play some classic games or movies, everyone looks forward to movie night when we can’t have a campfire.


Glow in the Dark Games

We found there to be a wide selection of outdoor games made for playing in the dark, from glow-in-the-dark frisbees to light-up corn hole board sets, check around you may find a new favorite camping activity!

Turn your tent into a fort

Okay hear me out, we loved building forts as kids, and a tent is pretty much a fort so make it into one, hang string lights around and bring extra blankets and pillows!


While fire restrictions might put a literal damper on your campfire dreams, they open up a world of opportunity for new experiences and connections with nature. By embracing alternative cooking methods, engaging in nature-centered activities, and getting creative with entertainment, you can have an unforgettable camping trip that proves fire isn't the only way to kindle lasting memories.

So pack your gear, respect the environment, and embark on a campfire-free adventure that'll leave you with stories to tell for years to come.

Check back next week for more info & tips in another Base Camp Blog!

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