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The Top 420 items for Adventures

Welcome Back Canna Campers! On this weeks blog we will be discussing the top 420 items to take on your next adventure! So sit back and relax while we show you some of our top picks to elevate your next outing!

Top 420 items for Camping and Hiking


Genius Pipe

If you are not familiar with the Genius Pipe do not feel bad as the pipe is built to be stealthy, unless someone wanted you to know they were using one you probably would have no idea! Made from anodized aluminum and steel, The Genius
Genius Pipe Stealth Blackpipe is held together with strong magnets to give you a secure hit while still being able to be easily cleaned. The magnets are strong enough to keep a fully loaded bowl during transportation and when your are ready just move the slider back and add a flame!

The Genius Pipe churns smoke through 2000 micro-vortices in its chamber. Tar is trapped in the vortices or dimples. When smoke reaches the mouthpiece, the tar has been removed and the smoke has been cooled to room temperature.

Silicone Dab Containers

Whether you are using Silicone storage containersdabs or dry flower these containers are useful as they are small discreet and virtually smell-proof. Fill
them with ground flower to make loading pipes on the go simple & quick. Not only are they useful for flower keep cooking spices dry and safe in them as well!


Magnetic Folding Pipe

Think of this as the smaller but still potent magnetic folding pipesibling to the Genius pipe. While not filled with all of the features of the genius pipe, this small rugged piece folds closed for transportation and folds back open transforming into a pipe! Made from Anodized steel this pipe will take pretty much anything you can throw at it!

The “Drip” Silicone Water Pipe

This water pipe will take your campfire sessionsRainbow Drip water pipe shown disassembled 

to the next level, easy to fill and assemble The “Drip” is quick to break out for use and break down for storage, plus it's made of silicone with a thick glass bowl piece so you don’t have to worry about drops!



Wake & Bake Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug With pipeCannabis and Coffee go together hand in hand,now that can be the same hand. This coffee mug works just like any other,but has a built-in bowl piece on the front and a mouthpiece built into the handle. Take a sip, take a puff, your choice.


Shellz Hard Case- Bringing a hard case for your less travel-worth pieces is a great ideaShellz hand pipe case showing interior elastic you don’t want the adventure to end before it has a chance to begin by dropping your favorite piece while unpacking the car. Some hard cases even include storage for a lighter and a pick.


Dry Bags

Dry bags are great for sensitive materials, keep your goods secure in a dry bag while keeping scents in and water out, you can keep your clothes, phone, grinder and all of your essential items stored together as well. Dry bags are essential to all outdoor adventures.






A good grinder is essential for adventuring, it makes your reload times shorter, and if a good time turns bad and you find yourself looking to make kindling for fire, throw a couple of small dry twigs and some dry grass in it to make a quick Firestarter. Make sure to choose a quality grinder with sharp teeth and a pollen catcher like the Grind-Eeze pictured here.



Papers, Cones & Wraps- You are probably no raw cones and papersstranger to these items but there aren’t many experiences in life like passing one of these around with friends or strangers that become friends.

Highly transportable papers, cones, and wraps are easy to bring with you on your next adventure, while more time-consuming to prepare each of these items can be more rewarding to consume if done correctly.



Wooden Pipes- Nothing says nature like a wood pipe, these type of pipes have

Wooden "beard" pipe close up of logo

been used since the dawn of smoking, they are rugged and dependable while also being cool to look at.

Some of them like the "Beard Pipe" come with a swivel lid so you can store your flower before and cap it out after.




We built the Canna Camp Supply shop on the love of adventure, our On-The-Go Collection specifically caters to the need for better supplies to take with you on journeys so check it out!

Check back next week for  more tips and information in another Base Camp Blog!

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