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1250 Lumens Alkaline Battery Camping Lantern

1250 Lumens Alkaline Battery Camping Lantern

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Illuminate your campsite with our 1250 Lumens Alkaline Battery Camping Lantern! With its powerful brightness, your entire campsite will be lit up, providing you with a sense of safety and security. Say goodbye to dark corners and hello to a fully illuminated and enjoyable camping experience.

  • 1250 Lumens bright, 4 modes (high, med, low) with a low warm mode
  • Used with 3 x D alkaline batteries or ZX1010 Rechargeable battery
  • Includes 2 x carabiners and a hanging globe option
Fill the campsite with light. The EAL26 emergency area light upgrades the classic lantern with an array of modern technological features-starting with a Dual Power system that allows the light to operate on 3 D cell alkaline batteries or on a Coast ZITHION-X ZX1010 rechargeable battery (sold separately).
Peaking at 1250 Lumens on alkaline power or 2120 Lumens on rechargeable lithium power, the efficient EAL26 boasts a maximum run time of 135 hours and provides 5-light modes: low warm, medium, high, solid red, and flashing red.
Easily carried by its swinging handle or set up on a table, stump, or truck bed, this lantern also features a removable and virtually unbreakable light diffuser that twists off to reveal an even brighter globe light inside. A carabiner on the light's base allows it to be hung upside-down overhead whether from a wire, a hook or a length of cord.
The EAL26 is built to IP54 specifications and, like all Coast lighting products, is backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • Dual power - power your area light how it suits you best with 3 standard alkaline D cells or a Coast ZITHION-X ZX1010 rechargeable battery (purchased separately) for added convenience and savings over time
  • 5-light modes - easily select from 5-light modes-low warm, medium, high, solid red, or flashing red using the convenient switch to match the output to your need
  • Emergency mode - attract much-needed attention by signaling duress with the flashing, bright-red light if times get tough
  • Battery life indicator - always know when to power back up by monitoring the battery-life indicator, which glows green when charged and red when low
  • Swinging handle and dual carabiners - carry or position the area light with ease-using the swinging handle in traditional lantern style or using the top and bottom carabiners to hook the light onto a line, hook, or wire
  • Removable diffuser - detach the area light's virtually unbreakable diffuser to reveal an even-brighter globe light inside then hang the light upside-down by the carabiner for space-filling down lighting
  • P54 water-resistant and dust-resistant - shine bright through rain, splashes and storms no matter how dirty the work may get-relying on an IP54 water-resistant and dust-resistant build
  • Backed by Coast lifetime warranty - take confidence in your product knowing it is backed by Coast's total commitment to quality and lifetime warranty program
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